Any Black Woman Can Get the Video Model Body

March 11, 2009


You can have a gorgeous body like Beyonce Knowles, Ashanti, Melysaa Ford or Kim Kadarshian.  It is absolutely possible at any for any Black or Latina women to have a gorgeous body.  I don’t care about genetics.  I don’t care if you had a baby.  I don’t care if you had three babies.  You can have a gorgeous body; it just takes a bit of work.

I know what you are thinking, “I don’t have the energy for too much exercise.”  Cut it out.  You will only need twenty minutes of exercise daily, if you follow the right diet.

In order to win the war for the perfect body, you need the right weapons.  If you are slim and you are trying to become more voluptuous, your most important weapons are protein, a pair of dumbbells, and a strong will.  If you are heavy, your biggest weapon is a piece of cardio equipment, a strong diet pill, and the will to trim down.  Since it is easier to gain-weight than it is to lose weight, I will begin with that first.

Yes, it is obviously better, to be thin than it is to be fat, but brothers generally prefer our women too thin.  Skinny legs and a flat behind are a no-no.  Most of us are ass men, not breast men.  Beyonce, Ashanti and Jennifer Lopez are all examples of sisters who did not have huge breast.  Their hips and asses were the attraction for us.  Brothers don’t like skinny little model legs.

RULE OF THUMBS:  If you question whether or not your butt is big enough, it’s not big enough.

The key to building the video model figure, if you are thin, is to maintain a small waist while gaining some ass and thigh.  The first key to gaining weight is to eat, eat, eat, but you must eat right.

Your ass is a muscle.  It is one of the largest muscles in the body.  In order to gain and strengthen muscle you need protein.  Protein will make sure that you gain muscle.  Carbohydrates will make sure that you gain a little fat.  However, the ass is an area where the combination of fat and muscle will look absolutely beautiful.

You need a nice supply of protein.  I am going to share a secret with you:  tuna fish, Ensure and protein candy bars provide quick sources of protein in addition to your regular food sources.  Beef and fish are very high in protein.  Lean cuts of steak are an awesome source of protein.  Ground beef is a great source of protein also.  Your best move would be to eat of whole meals that are very high in protein, in combination with tuna/Ensure snacks.

You must also drink a lot of water in you are trying to gain weight.  The body is 75% water.  You need water in the body.  I’m not referring to fluid – juice, soda, milk, etc.  Your body needs water.  Experts suggest 8 cups of water daily.  I know that you aren’t going to drink water at 8 different daily intervals.  Therefore, I suggest you carry a water jug.  It can be a thermo.  It can be a juice container that you rinsed out and saved.  The key is to fill it up with cold water before you go to bed.  Therefore, you will always have an ice cold jug of water to travel with.


I know that this is the part that scares you. You never worked out before.  You are afraid that you don’t have the energy to workout.  In addition, it is painful in the beginning.  IT IS NOT AS BAD AS YOU THINK.

You only need 15 minutes daily, four days per week of exercise.  You can handle it first thing in the morning to get it over with.

The most important tool that you need is a pair of adjustable dumbbells.  You need adjustable dumbbells in order to increase the weight as you grow stronger.

Your primary concern is for your legs and ass to grow, while you maintain a small waist.  This requires a leg/ass routine and a stomach routine.  Since you are only working 15 minutes per day.  You will train as follows:

Mon –   Legs/ass

Tues –   Stomach

Wed –   Legs/ass

Thur – Stomach

Fri     – Legs/ass

Sat    – rest

Sun   – rest

Your key exercise for legs is the dumbbell squat.  This is an easy, but extremely effective exercise.  To perform the dumbbell squat, you simply stand-erect with the dumbbells held as shoulder level.  You spread your legs apart.  You squat down as if you are sitting down, but you allow your ass to drop below the sitting point.  Imagine that you are trying to let the bottom of your ass touch the floor.  Squat as low as possible.  Take a breath and then stand.  That would count as one repetition.  You want to repeat this for 8-10 sets of 10 reps within 15 minutes.  When the weight becomes too light, you increase it.  When you become so strong that you can do 10 reps of dumbbell squats with all of the plates available (the heaviest adjustment), start to do 15 reps.  The key to this exercise is to squat low, and squeeze your ass cheeks tight when you stand in the erect position.  These squats work.

The most important stomach exercise is the infamous sit-up, followed by the leg raise.  You have seen sit-ups a million times.  You know how to do a sit-up.  Your question is:  how many?  Do five sets of 8-10 sit-ups and 5 sets of leg-raises.

Leg raises are very simple.  You lay flat on your back with your legs together.  You lift your legs upward without lifting your back.  Your body should resemble the letter ‘L’ if someone looked at you from the side of the second position of a leg raise.  You gently lower your legs back down without allowing your legs to touch the floor.      If you squat, do stomach exercises, eat protein, drink a lot of water and stay focused, you will see nice results in a matter of months.  Stay with it!  The exercising will leave you sore for the first week.  Your body will adjust afterwards.

IF YOU ARE TRYING TO LOSE WEIGHT, YOUR JOURNEY WILL BE A BIT MORE DIFFICULT.  Your two most important weapons are a piece of cardio equipment (an exercise bike or treadmill), a diet pill and a strong will.

You know that your first problem is overeating.  In addition, you are eating a lot of high carbohydrate/high fat foods.  There are strong diet pills such as Apatrim on the market.  The diet pill will reduce your appetite tremendously.  However, you can’t eat garbage when you do eat.

Avoid pasta, soda, condiments (salad dressing, mayonnaise, ketchup, etc) ice-cream and fast food.  Eat lean cut of meats only.  Avoid beef and pork.  Roll with fish and chicken.  This gives you protein and nutrients without a lot of fat.  Steam, broil, and bake your poultry instead of frying.  Use fruit for smacks.  ABSOLUTELY NEVER EAT BEFORE BED.

In order for you to burn fat, you must do a lot of cardio and aerobic work.  You have to run on the treadmill or the bike.  You have to run for a great length of time.  You must start with at least 15-20 minutes in the morning and possibly 10 minutes in the evening.  You have to put your music on and go for it.  Try to put the work in at least four days weekly.

The beauty of using a treadmill or bike at home is that you can work out in the comfort of your own home.  You don’t have to be self-conscious about anything.  You have to be passionate thought.  Weight-loss is a war.  You have to fight the battle of the bulge passionately.

You are usually already round, if you are overweight.  Therefore, when you come down in weight, you will not have to work as hard to round off your butt.  The key is to come down.  You have to diet hard and become a freak for cardio.  It will be very difficult in the beginning because your heart and lungs are not used to the work, but with consistency, you can and will adjust.

You can have a better body.  You must be very passionate about it.  You have to see that picture perfect body in your mind and you can achieve it.  Work!

chewyRonnell “Chewy” Coombs is the co-founder, CEO of Hip-Hop Fever Promotions and the author of What Real Niggaz Want from a Woman and The Female Baller’s Handbook.


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